Technical Call Agenda 2022-06-02

It’s time to pick back up after Auto Care Connect week, home and hopefully rested. Tomorrow, June 2nd, our technical calls resume at 9am US Central.

If you haven’t attended before, we conduct these using Microsoft Teams. Some of us have our video going and some just prefer audio; either is fine. This time we’re going to play it a little bit by ear: if we have a large crowd of first-timers we may spend our time on a technical rundown of the project to introduce the core concepts and the folks involved.

If not, we can start right in on the burning question: how do you manage to granulate data if the origin system and/or format don’t provide a unique key that can link data together over time? Can you? And if you can, is it even a good idea?

I hope to see you there. Just click the Teams Link and come on in!