Sandpiper Plan Schema 0.9.4

We’ve finalized the first stable schema used for the plan document in Sandpiper. The plan document, in brief, describes the state of the actors in a Sandpiper agreement, and their relationship to one another. It encapsulates these in an implementation-neutral XML format that the two partners independently generate from their own internal ledger for that… Continue reading Sandpiper Plan Schema 0.9.4

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New Website

We’re updating our website to make it easier to run. Previously we used a full workflow system driven by Hugo, which would take a repository and generate documentation in the Docsy format. This toolchain was more than we needed, however, in addition to being different from what most of us use every day, and led… Continue reading New Website

Sandpiper Framework WIP 20210304

We’ve started the API attribute work and it’s encapsulated here in this WIP snapshot. Current work is ongoing!

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Sandpiper Framework v0.9.0

We’ve updated the Sandpiper reference document to 0.9.0. This large update finally handles the plan document and adds sections that will be used to tie the API documentation in as we build it (our current effort).

Sandpiper 0.8.0

This is an older release of Sandpiper, uploaded here for completeness.