Technical Call Agenda 2022-10-27

This week we’ll work on a scoping document for a Sandpiper implementation. On our last call we had some good discussion about how to help developers plan for such an undertaking, and agreed to start laying out the roadblocks, implementation stages, and resources to be considered. As a bonus, I’m sure this will reveal some things we need to tweak or fix in the framework schemas as well.

This will be a working session because I need help from those more experienced in this arena. As a backend data engineer, I tend to think more (perhaps too much) in terms of streams, relations, inputs, outputs, and data integrity. The occasional user-facing projects I produce are small fry compared to what some of you do every day. So I’m hoping that you’ll help me be a conduit for your ideas and expertise.

I think many of our non-developer participants will have some important insights to share as we go, so please don’t be shy — some of the best ideas come from fresh perspectives. If you’re able to join us, hop on our call at our usual time (9:00am US Central) and place (Teams)!