Technical Call Agenda 2022-09-01

This will be our last call before the Fall Leadership Days event held by the Auto Care Association. We’ll discuss the state of the current PIES work and our goal to complete the PIES granulation strategy by next week. We’ll skip next week’s call while Leadership Days is going on.

Tomorrow’s call may be short, depending on how much discussion is necessary — I still have plenty to write and may not have many technical details to vet, because we did most of that legwork up front in outline form. I recognize however that often detailed work raises other questions. For that reason I plan to handle this Leadership Days release as a candidate, then get a final round of feedback on our call the week after (September 14th). We’ll repeat this if necessary for our final 1.0.

If you would like to join us tomorrow, please feel free to do so at the usual time (9:00am US Central) and place (Teams)! I’d love to see you there.