Technical Call Agenda 2022-07-28

I’m back on the course this week, having stabilized the state of some ongoing data migrations at work, and having exited panic mode. This week we’ll resume our technical calls, focusing on catching back up to where we were at the beginning of the month, summarizing changes and work in progress, and then venturing into our future technical plans.

The reason I want to look a bit to the future is that most of the granulation strategy work is pretty well plotted conceptually and just needs a few solid weeks to complete (not that those are plentiful in my current life, but I can dream). I want to hear your impressions of our basic roadmap — what is missing that you would love to see, and what is present that is complete overkill.

If that sounds like your jam, please hop in on our regular Teams Link tomorrow at our usual time, 9:00am US Central! We’d love to have you.