Technical Call Agenda 2022-06-23

This week, it’s time for us to dig into PIES. Not the delicious, calorie-laden treats so artfully prepared by bakers around the world — no, I’m talking about PIES, the exciting XML product information exchange standard.

We’ve reached a good point on our ACES granulation strategy work. I’m in the process of updating the official specification and database schema with new slice types (aces-digitalfileinformation-element for example) and specific instructions for safely breaking full XML files into ACES grains. Thank you in particular to those of you who attended the last two meetings and gave us your thoughts and ideas.

I’ll go over some of what I’m working on, and then transition into the topic du jour, granulating PIES. We dipped our fingers in a little last week but now it’s time to get down to stretching out the possibilities and seeing what doesn’t hold up.

If this excites you, I’d love to see you on our call. Join us via this Teams Link¬†at the usual time — 9am US Central! All are welcome. If you had an issue with the link last week, my apologies; I had left off some of the URL by accident.