Technical Call Agenda 2022-04-28

This week will be a working session, particularly revisiting the topic of granulating data with a non-UUID method like part number. Last week we confirmed that this is an important method because some organizations will need to do part-based data updates to slot into existing integration processes.

This part number granulation is going to cross over into almost any kind of product data, so we need to come up with the most universal methods possible, but one challenge is that part numbers in the same set may overlap, being distinguished from one another by their brand. This is particularly prevalent in industries with a standardized numbering system, like industrial bearings. We came up with a few ideas for handling branding alongside part but I still have some thoughts and reservations around this.

So if you’re excited to get into the nitty gritty, come join us at our usual day (Thursdays), time (9:00am US Central), and place (Teams Link)!