Technical Call Agenda 2022-01-13

Our technical call is on for the usual time (10:00am US Central) tomorrow (Friday, January 13th, 2022).

This week we’ll discuss the steps needed to wrap up a 1.0 Preview release. I’ll also go over two important changes that I’ve now merged into the main branch:

  1. I’ve added the message code concept and list to the documentation
  2. I’ve replaced the PUT method on the grains endpoint with POST instead.

To elaborate on the second change, on our calls it became clear that the distinction between PUT and POST is too esoteric and implemented haphazardly. One can search the web for the difference and find people firmly asserting that PUT is for creation and POST is for updating, or the opposite, or something else entirely. Therefore I think it’s better to accept some of the ambiguity and standardize on one method, POST.

This requires a change to the meaning of the response code 409. It now will be given if the grain exists elsewhere AND the payload was supplied. Previously the payload would be discarded or ignored and only the UUID linked, because this was a separate method and could be deterministically set up safely without requiring checking all the content of given grains to see if they are different.

I hope to see you on our call!

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