Topics for Technical Call 2021-12-03

We’re resuming our technical calls tomorrow, Friday the 3rd of December (10:00am US Central). This week we’ll summarize the plan proposal workflow documentation from last week, then move on to the pieces necessary to enable Level 2 synchronization for the L2 deliverable in 1.0: digital assets and other file-grain-based approaches.

This category of data is one we knew would be attainable without defining a complex domain-specific granulation strategy, because files themselves rest on a well-trodden foundation within the operating system itself. Files have to have a unique handle (file name) and are not divisible in daily practice. Perfect for the proving ground of Level 2 transfers, and assets in particular will benefit enormously from partial transfers — common product image sets for a typical large supplier regularly exceed 100GB in size, yet 99% of this data changes less than once a year. Reducing the burden of transferring these image archives will make a lot of our lives a lot easier.

In the same vein, Luke has been talking with the Auto Care team about how they can use the Sandpiper transport in delivering some of their standard databases (the formats of which are, with the exception of ASCII extracts, delivered as monolithic blobs). I believe this would tie well into the same methods. We’re planning to have some members of the Auto Care Association on board for this call to share their thoughts.

If there’s time, we can talk about what the steps after 1.0 look like for Level 2 and how we can define granulation parameters in ways that helps others design their own. But I do think we might have our hour full already… I hope to see you there!

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