Technical Call Agenda & New Links

This week we’re starting something new — we’re going to be leaving the teams meeting up as a standing event, not requiring calendar invites.

Important: we’re shifting the time to allow folks across the Atlantic to join more easily, but we did have to balance that against the folks on the US West Coast as well. So we’ve settled on 8:00am US Pacific, 10:00am US Central, 11:00am US Eastern (~7 hours later in Europe depending on local time). As before, this will be every Friday, but be sure to check here in case we have had to cancel or postpone.

So, if you’re looking for the next round of entries, you can join us at the new link here: Teams Link

As for the agenda, this week we’re planning to discuss the scope of the 1.0 release and how Level 2 transactions fit into it. From the beginning we’ve tried to focus on Level 1 as the 1.0 deliverable, but we did find one area that makes sense to try to tackle for the first release: asset files. We’ll go into more detail about that tomorrow.

We’ll also talk about the Plan and some minor bugfixes that I’ve made (and will push to GitHub shortly), plus we’re putting together a basic example plan for testing against Luke’s experimental server, so we’ll go over that.

I hope to see you there.