Sandpiper Schemas 20210518

First of all, if you’re joining us from ACPN, hello! Welcome to our site.

Now, the boring/fun stuff (depends on your perspective): I’ve bundled up the latest version of the XSD schema spec for Sandpiper, as well as the first release of our reference SQLite database schema.

The database schema is provided as an SQL file that can be run against any SQLite database. This is what we’re using to test and drive the final rounds of API development; in particular we’ve synchronized the field names to match those that will be expected in the API.

The XSD schema has only moderate changes, though important ones, adding a few UUIDs where they were missing and adding a description attribute for nodes.

I’ve taken the first steps toward getting this into a public git repository, but haven’t initialized one yet. That’s on the list of things to do to open this up more, as we work toward more transparency and collaboration. For now, the download is here.