Technical Calls Invitation & Updates

We’re continuing to build up the use case work that I mentioned last, though it really highlighted the need for a fully frozen API and a rationalization between the attributes in the API, the spec, and the plan. Below, I’ll talk more about that and about how you can join our weekly technical call (please do!), as well as miscellaneous updates around what’s happening inside the Framework.

We’re still working toward a frozen API for Sandpiper 1.0, and our weekly technical calls have covered the needs to meet for implementers. Right now, however, we’ve got the Automotive Content Professionals Network conference swiftly approaching, and several of our members are presenting or involved with it. So our next round of technical calls will wait to start until after that, as everyone’s time is in short supply.

If you would like to listen or share your opinions, please feel free to drop us a line and get connected.

In other news, I realize now I was premature to call the last round of the schema “1.0”. I’m going to walk that back a bit and try to keep the specification document, the XSD, and the API documents in sync. I’ve added a few elements to better accommodate true production work, in tandem with the creation of an SQLite reference database schema that you can port between client software while testing your own development.

I’m in the process of setting up GNU mailman mailing lists on this server to bring the discussions out into an easier-to-join form. Things are a lot easier to reply to if you can just do it from within your email client; what we’ve found is that having to log in somewhere (forum, intranet, DDial, what have you) is just enough of a pain to cause people to take it to email instead. So we need to embrace that, I think.

Please feel free to let us know if you have suggestions or thoughts!