API Endpoints WIP 2021-07-15 & New Tech Teams Link

We’ve been chugging along defining the API endpoints. The file linked below is last week’s efforts, though it rests in an incomplete state; we’ve come to the limits of comfortably defining things like JSON responses and HTTP methods within Excel. You can count on the endpoints, HTTP methods, and meanings themselves being well set at… Continue reading API Endpoints WIP 2021-07-15 & New Tech Teams Link

Sandpiper Schemas WIP 2021-06-15

Last week I made several critical changes to the database schema based on work done building a template plan document generator in Python. This fixes bugs in some foreign key fields and adds linking directly to the plan_slices table. Full changelog and download below!

Sandpiper Framework v0.9.0

We’ve updated the Sandpiper reference document to 0.9.0. This large update finally handles the plan document and adds sections that will be used to tie the API documentation in as we build it (our current effort).