Sandpiper Framework v1.0.0-FINAL Released

After three years of work by more than thirty volunteers across twenty companies, I’m proud to announce the Sandpiper Framework 1.0.0-FINAL release. For the technical details, head on over to github to read the full release notes, or just download the documentation in PDF format. In 2019, Jason Riegel gave a presentation at the ACPN… Continue reading Sandpiper Framework v1.0.0-FINAL Released

1.0.0-RC1 Now Available

I’m happy to announce that our first release candidate for the Sandpiper Framework specifications is now available! Head over to to take a look. While there’s always more to do, this first round of work, encompassing three years of collaboration between and input from individuals around the world, is almost complete. I’m extremely proud… Continue reading 1.0.0-RC1 Now Available